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Big Hero 6 - Chappie Trailer

2015-03-08 0 0 2,484 YouTube

So yesterday, one of my friends showed me the trailer for this movie. He'd been texting me the name "Chappie" all week and I had no idea what it was until he made me watch the trailer. The first thing I thought of was "Baymax!" xD Apparently the movie is out already, so I might go see it with him even though it's rated R (yep, I put an R movie to a Disney movie x) Though at first watch, you wouldn't really guess that Chappie is rated R. Maybe PG-13.) I thought it was a big coincidence because I recently finished a BH6 fanfic similar to Chappie's concept, except Baymax actually turns human by switching bodies with Hiro. Here's the link to my profile if you wanna check that out or any of my other stories: Footage: Big Hero 6 Audio: "Chappie" Trailer #1