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Motorbike Race For Kids!!

2017-03-20 1,340 68 65,979 YouTube

Motorbike Race For Kids!! ❤ Subscribe for upcoming videos here: ❤ Family Videos: Ellie and Jared $20,000 DOWN THE DRAIN 😩 - **Instagram** @carl_and_jinger @gage1up @kylestoysandgames **Twitter** carlvlogs Jingerrific In this Carl and Jinger Family vlog we begin our first ever Moto Monday! We take our Yamaha YFZ 450R, Kawasaki, Honda, and Yamaha dirt bike motorcycles and go race on the sand dunes! The kids crash and have small accidents but have a fun time! Carl gets stuck in a crazy situation where he almost crashes off a cliff! FTC: This is not a sponsored video Here are other videos you might enjoy! GIANT BUBBLE BALL INFLATABLE SLIDE IN THE POOL FUN SURPRISE PARTY!! Giant Gummy Donut!! Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge! DIY GIANT COTTON CANDY MOTORCYCLE CHALLENGE!! Amazing New House Tour!! Kids React! DIY Giant Oreo Cookie Challenge 1000 Cookies!! Giant Extreme Sour Warheads Candy Suckers Challenge!! DIY Giant Gummy Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos! Hot Cheetos Warhead Candy Crazy S'mores Challenge!! 20 Foot Giant Gummy Snake Challenge DIY Giant Gummy Worm Candy!! GIANT BALLOON HOT TUB BALL PIT SWIMMING PARTY!! Amazing High Speed RC Toys in Action!! Giant Balloon Challenge Pie Face Toys Challenges LIVE Experiment 1000 degree knife vs Kinetic Sand Slime Pokemon Gummy Bear!! Helium Super Wubble Bubble Nerf Extreme Impossible Trick Shots Experiment!! Science Experiment Liquid Nitrogen vs DIY Color Changing Wax Toys!! How To Make DIY Kinetic Sand Slime Alien Skull Cake Color Changing Hyper Color Wax Molds!! Awesome RC Cars Snow Tricks Playstation 4 Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Bundle Giveaway!! Pokemon Slime DIY Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream vs Wubble Bubble Bic Lighter Explosion!! Liquid Nitrogen Science Experiment vs Giant Gummy Bear Orbeez & Coca Cola!! Extraordinary Girls Hawaii Vacation in 4K - Dangerous Waterfall Hike!! Bean Boozled Extreme Ice Cream Challenge!! - Jelly Belly Candy Ice Cream DIY Super Wubble Bubble Ball Mentos Diet Coke Fun Experiment for Kids!! Sitting Inside a 7ft Water Balloon Polar Plunge Challenge!! 1000 Degree Sword vs Giant Gelli Baff Balloon Pokemon and Shopkins!! Carl and Jinger LIQUID NITROGEN vs Giant Gummy Pokeball Glow Super Wubble Bubble Ball Ice Cream Sour Patch Kids DIY KICK the BALL ICE CREAM Pop Rocks Nerds Gummy Bears DIY Candy Flavored!! ORBEEZ Frozen Olaf Snowman SMASH! Giant Bubble Ball Snow Globe FAIL 1000 Degree Sword Vs GIANT ORBEEZ BALLOON and Gummy Big Mac Cheeseburger!! Gummy Candy Kids vs Food Gummy Hulk Candy Shopkins Toys DIY Worlds Hottest Cotton Candy Challenge!! GIANT GUMMY McDonald's Big Mac Extreme Cheeseburger!! EXPLODING GLOW IN THE DARK SUPER WUBBLE BUBBLE! Chocolate Shopkins Pokemon Turning Toys into Candy!! Pokemon Shopkins Slime Toys Challenge!! RC Car Stuck In Our Giant Balloon Stunts! Giant Bubble Ball Snow Globe! Greatest Hoverboard Fail Ever & Frozen Orbeez Christmas Toys Opening Presents! Giant Orbeez Water Balloon? What Happens?! Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge Making Fluffy Slime Eruption Fun Kids Science Experiment Pokemon Pikachu Secret Revealed!! Puffy Fluffy Slime Bath Kids Challenge! RC Truck in ACTION! Traxxas Slash 4x4 Drifting in Snow and Giant Bubble Ball!