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Nerf Team Fortress

2016-04-18 234,712 5,755 22,336,661 YouTube

PATREON: We had way too many Nerf guns lying around the office to not do something epic with them. What kind of Nerf action scene mash-up would you like to see? NERF GUNS HAMMERSHOT SIX SHOOTER GREEN TERMINATOR SHOTGUN RED SNIPER RIFLE RED MINI GUN RED SIX SHOOTER RED PISTOL RIVAL APOLLO ORANGE SUB MACHINE GUN WHITE CARBINE RIFLE HEAVY RHINO TURRENT NERF AMMO RED MEGA DARTS CLASSIC BLUE DARTS NEVER MISS NERF DARTS YELLOW RIVAL NERF ROUNDS Watch our adventures in film making on our SamandNiko channel! Big thanks to Mike Diva ( and Harley ( for the guest appearances! Also! We have a Corridor instagram! check us out at Awesome music by Daniel Ciurlizza: