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Daniel Rossen . Silent Hour, Golden Mile (2012) [noHiPSTER Tracklist]

2014-04-10 56 3 10,015 YouTube

Color: Ceruleo [Sky Blue] _____ Review Overview Comment which is your "Favorite Track" Visit our musicBlog page for listen more album or this link for read our "Story" Tracklist 00:00 01. Return To Form 05:24 02. Silent Song 10:01 03. Up On High 13:59 04. Golden Mile 18:16 05. Saint Nothing Join noHiPSTER noHiPSTER hates the concept of musical "genre" and rejects it. The only existing genre is the artistic one, all the others (pop, rock, jazz, etc,) are label limiting in most cases even a simple approach to music. Genres are anachronistic and tied to market trends, this website is not interested in it. Even so, in order to avoid confusion and disorientation in the exploration of the multitude of products you can listen to in this website, we propose a different type of classification. We believe that every work carries an emotional load and an experience. There are albums which fit into a situation, and albums which fit into an other! Albums suited to an intimate mood, "sociable" albums. Any of this situations is approximately synthesized, in this website, with COLORS. They don't express a taste or a style, but the emotion we felt while listening to an album. Good Music