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Nerf Overwatch

2016-12-19 54,977 2,549 1,936,822 YouTube

GO PRO IN A CANNON: Music by NIR SHOR: What happens when you spend way too much time playing overwatch, combine it with friends that take Nerf way too seriously and add in a love for action movies and snappy filmmaking? Nerf Overwatch! Nir Shor wrote the music for this video and completely blew us away. We've created a playlist of our favorite songs he's made. You should definitely check it out: Reinhardt played by Hudson from Buff Dudes Tracer played by Ivy ( Genji played by Tony from EMC Monkeys Soldier 76 played by Jake Reaper played by Sam Mcree played by Brett Written and shot by Niko REAPER'S GUN: TRACER'S GUN: SOLDIER'S GUN: REINHARDT'S AXE IS NOW $200 ON AMAZON. DANG SON. MCREE'S GUN: MORE NERF GUNS HAMMERSHOT SIX SHOOTER GREEN TERMINATOR SHOTGUN RED SNIPER RIFLE RED MINI GUN RED SIX SHOOTER RED PISTOL RIVAL APOLLO ORANGE SUB MACHINE GUN WHITE CARBINE RIFLE HEAVY RHINO TURRENT NERF AMMO RED MEGA DARTS CLASSIC BLUE DARTS NEVER MISS NERF DARTS YELLOW RIVAL NERF ROUNDS Thanks for watching! Oh, follow us on instagram And if you like our vids, support us on Patreon! Heck if you want to be really cool, rock a corridor logo on your chest.